Our story

Thanda is my maiden voyage from specialist physiotherapist to single mum of three-entrepreneur, who loves things that are true, have tales to tell and excite the senses. 

I try to fill my life with people who are true, honest, loving and trustworthy, and am of the belief that our homes, lifestyle and lives generally should be an extension of this.

My heritage is an African one, hence the name ‘Thanda’ (Tar-n-da). 

After an arduous fruitless search for a company name, Thanda was chosen essentially by default.

It is the Zulu word for ‘Love’, and if you’re a believer in fate, I guess this would be it! As this is what Thanda is about: Love and loving life.

   Home. Lifestyle. Living. Loving.

To the best of my ability I try to promote sustainability –  of craft, people, skills and our environment;  and actively work to ensure that the products we introduce you to are ethically sourced , good quality and generally lush.

Our home is our sanctuary away from the rat race of everything that needs to be done and has to be done. A place to feel safe, secure, relaxed and indulgent of our senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

So if you’re the kind of person who revels in the emotions that different textures and colours arouse, or the sound of ‘clinking’ ceramics and glass, or the beauty and uniqueness of the imperfections of form,


Join our mailing list and lets start loving life together.

Sue x